How Does Lag Truly Effect My Ability To Score?

Lag is every online gamer-s worst nightmare. Lag, defined as “delays between the action of players and the reaction of the server (and vice versa)’, can ultimately lead to the demise of a player and his/her team for the rest of a game. For those of you who have not experienced the horrible delays caused by lag, it can and will affect your game play negatively every single game without fail.

But what causes lag and what are the actual affects? Many of us have heard the term and have experienced it, but are unsure as to why it happens and why it results in poor gaming. Lag generally is caused by a slow and choppy internet connection or a busy, used internet connection. The high latency results in the loss of acceptable frame rates for game play, which leads to terrible connections. You typically can tell when you are experiencing lagged game play, as your player cannot keep up with the tempo of the rest of the game.

There are ways to reduce lag, however. Try to avoid downloading content while playing. Also, try to avoid keeping other computers on your gaming network, as this will slow game play.

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